Bunzlau Castle Polish pottery


In the early 1800s, in a small town in Poland (Europe), craftsmen designed and produced objects of clay. The brown glazed pottery with white patterns was very popular and found its way not only to the courts of Kings and Queens but throughout all of Europe. As the years went by, the pottery became more and more attractive. New natural materials were used and more and more colourful patterns were stamped and painted on the white background.Nowadays designers and many female artists, make the look of the Bunzlau Castle pottery, what it is today! The many patterns, such as dots, circles, peacock-eyes, feathers, leaves and flowers are decorated with spongy stamps and fine brushes. After the second glazing, the pottery is baked on a very high temperature of 1300 Celsius. Therefore the Bunzlau Castle pottery is very strong. The stoneware is dishwasher proof, microwave- and conventional oven safe. Ecological glaze and paint is used. As extremely durable earthenware, it will not crack or chip easily. Bunzlau Castle pottery has an enormous variety of forms, shapes, patterns and colours that will fit into almost every interior, from modern to classic and from contemporary to country style.


From Clay to Cup – VIDEO –


Today there is an increasingly group of Bunzlau Castle collectors all over the world. A well-known Dutch female artist has created a series of kitchen textiles. These kitchen textiles are a wonderful addition to the ceramics. In a very special way the decorations of the pottery are woven into the patterns of the fabric. The Bunzlau Castle textiles are made of 100% cotton. The production is in Portugal (Europe). The Bunzlau Castle paper napkins are created by a group of Dutch designers. The napkins are printed with water-based colours on oxygen-bleached cellulose.

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